What’s In Your Bag with Venus Snap Razor

Venus Snap 2


It’s been a summer of bare legs, dresses, cocktails, an unplanned weekend away, drinks at hotel bars and poolside roasting sessions. Even though I am not abroad or doing something particularly spectacular, this holiday has been the perfect way to end the year because of all the spontaneous memories made.

Speaking of spontaneity, the #VenusOnTheGo giveaway where you could win a shopping spree valued at R20K is still running. All you need to do to enter the #VenusOnTheGo giveaway is buy a Venus Snap Razor, post a picture of the contents of your bag including your new Venus Snap Razor on Instagram using the #VenusOnTheGo hashtag and that’s that. (scroll to the bottom of the post to see an example)

Nifty and convenient, the new Venus Snap Razor is exactly that… Nifty and convenient because of its small size and easily transportable vented container, which allows the razor to fully dry out whilst being protected from the other items in your toiletry bag. Mine travelled with me to New York because of how little space it took up in my toiletry bag. In addition, The Venus Snap Razor fits any of the Venus range of  cartridges, which means you don’t have to go out and buy different cartridges.

The only thing that has taken a bit of getting used to is the mini-handle, especially if you are always in a tiny bit of a rush. However, if it’s a leisurely shave in the shower, the handle allows you to control and direct it the same as a regular razor.

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