A Tip On Wearing Colour

wear colourIf you did art or something similar you probably remember using or referencing the colour wheel when choosing what colours to use in combination.

I didn’t realize until I wore this outfit to an event and everyone commented on how surprisingly well the colours worked together that subconsciously I still reference the Colour Wheel (because I studied design), when seamlessly clashing colours. In fact, I think most of us do, but after seasons on Instagram of minimalist black, white and grey fashion, we have forgotten that colour is amazing and clashing it is even better.

For those of you not familiar with the colour wheel, if you look at the image of the Colour Wheel, colours that complement each other lie opposite each other on the wheel. So red works with green (that’s why Christmas imagery is pleasing to your eyes), yellow goes with purple, and orange goes with blue.Colour-Wheel

When used together in color schemes, complementary colours are dynamic and pleasing to the eye. This is because of how the cells in your eye that contribute to colour vision perceive different colours of light. It has been proven that if you  stare for a long time at a block of colour, say red, and then quickly look at a white wall, you’ll see a light afterimage of green. So next time you thinking of clashing colours and making a hue rich statement with your outfit, pull out a colour wheel. A Tip On Wearing Colour A Tip On Wearing Colour A Tip On Wearing Colour 5Clothing Credits: Top from Cos at 32 Clothing | Skirt from Max Mara | Heels from Nina Roche at Spitz

Photography by Keagan Kingsley Green of Gold Creatures

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