Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmestics now at The Zone in Rosebank

Lush Cosmetics

Popped into the new Lush Cosmetics at The Zone at Rosebank to pick up some essentials:


Made with little to no preservatives, using only vegetarian friendly ingredients, some of Lush’s products like the OatiFix , which is made from oats, bananas, ground almonds and vanilla leave me feeling like I could have made the fresh mask myself seeing as I have all the said ingredients in my house. But you can’t buy convenience.

Oatifix smells delicious… In fact you kind of want to eat it, but that would be a total waste of money and kind of weird. The oats soothes irritated skin as medicinal preparations containing oats have shown that oats are anti-histamic, which basically means that oats is good for allergy type symptoms. The ground almonds, act as an exfoliating scrub and the bananas as a vitamin-rich emollient. In general, the fresh face masks from Lush are so fresh that they need to be refrigerated and used quite soon after purchase to prevent spoilage, which says a lot about how the product is preservative free and good for your skin.

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

Years of working with my hands, painting, exposed to turpentine, thinners and such as well as washing dishes has left my hands susceptible to dryness. So I’m always on the search for ways keep my hands soft. This salted coconut scrub caught my attention because it contains coconut oil, which you know I’m a fan of via my 13 Ways To Use Coconut Oil post. It also contains fine sea salt – which acts as the exfoliating agent,  fresh lemon infusion, as well as argan oil, which is a great natural moisturiser because of how super absorbent it is.

Popcorn Lip Scrub

When it comes to exfoliating products it’s always difficult to find a balance between something that really removes dead skin cells but isn’t too harsh on the skin. This Popcorn Lip Scrub is exactly that and it’s yummy. Yes, I might have tasted some whilst exfoliating my lips…

Made with sugar, fine sea salt, jojoba and coconut oil; this scrub is super easy to use. Just take a pea sized amount and scrub your lips, then lick off the excess for smooth lips. I promise you it works and tastes good.

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