What I Love from the David by David Tlale for Spree Collection

Launched in 2014, the Spree Boutique is all about making local designers accessible and after  chasing him for close to three years, David Tlale is finally one of those local designers consumers can now shop through the Spree Boutique.

David by David Tlale is a diffusion line developed exclusively for Spree made up of tailored structured, elegant pieces – which is what one expects from David Tlale – that are wearable and versatile. The black and white colour palette combined with the locally designed and manufactured black and white graphic print means that even though the pieces aren’t low cost, they are worth the purchase because you can wear them season after season and with only about 20 pieces per style, you also know that you have something not a lot of people will own.

After downloading the app, I found myself a little bit confused and wanting to shop the entire collection. Right now, I am deliberating over these beautiful pieces.

  1. The Muso Layered Skirt in black because I think this might be the most versatile piece in the collection. With details like a Melton overlay, this is both a statement skirt, but also a classic skirt because it is a pencil skirt.
  2. The Aya Sleeveless Coat is actually my favourite piece from the collection. I only fear that I will overwear it
  3. The Shumy Midi Pencil Skirt is fun and because its made from the locally designed and manufactured, no one pencil skirt will look the same, which is rather special if you ask me.
  4. The Khita Bouquet Dress… It’s a black dress… what more can I say… And a little one at that?
  5. The Thandi Tailored White Shirt because Chris Viljoen, who I would trust with my fashion life, told me it is incredible.
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