How To Do Denim On Denim


With the chill quickly coming, denim in all its forms, jackets, shirts dresses are the most appropriate, versatile and stylish thing one can wear. This isn’t anything new. We all know this… Everyone owns something in denim. The debate around denim on denim, double denim or the “Canadian tuxedo” as it is referred to is kind of a tedious one, because in my mind the epitome of cool… denim can’t be uncool simply by wearing more of it, head to toe and layered. In fact, it just becomes cooler.

However, if you are a tiny bit nervous here are 3 simple rules that will make your denim on denim look a winner.

  1. Wear denim jeans that fit you. I can’t stress how NB this is. If the jeans don’t fit you won’t feel fit and that will come across. How you feel in your clothing is half of what style is about.
  2. That whole rule about wearing matching denim washes is a lie. Ignore it… Wear different washes, it looks more effortless. Hardly anyone lives or shops with a matchy matchy approach to their wardrobe.
  3. Wear distressed denim or washes that look worn in because they look worn in and like you didn’t try too hard

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Clothing credits: Customized Denim Jacket from a Thrift Store | Chambray Shirt from Cheap Monday | Distressed Jeans from G-Star RAW | Loafers from Country Road | Sunglasses from Super at Dip Street | Hat from River Island

Photography by  @worthathovsandwords

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