Marianne Fassler at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg 2016

Marianne Fassler Fashion Week

Day 1 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg was a myriad of highlights. From my outfit by Rich Mnisi – which I loved, but removed off of Instagram, because I plan to shoot some beautiful outfit posts in it – to the up and coming designers who showed under The Intern by David Tlale and my absolute stand out moment of the day Marianne Fassler’s runway show.

Marianne Fassler and her creative team understand something about story telling and creating a wearable narrative that is cohesive and inspiring. The show opened with the sound of rain and a collection of textures and rich hues came down the runway to Disturbed’s ‘The Sound Of Silence. (I was so moved by the rendition, that after Shazam failed me I spent the majority of the break in between shows Googling The Sound Of Silence covers).

When it came to this collection, I will say that I have never seen this much black in a Marianne Fassler collection. It wasn’t a tremendous amount, but it was notable. This collection was truly about texture and layering as pleated fabrics (sheer and pvc – the sleeves of  the dresses below gave me life), applique flowers, patchwork, tinsel adorned pants and dresses, silks and my favourite fabric velvet made its way down the runway in teal, magenta, blue, black and what seems to be the colour to wear… chartreuse yellowy or pear – a yellowy hue with a hint of green. A Marianne Fassler collection wouldn’t be a Marianne Fassler collection

Images via AFI

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