#ONEDAY in London

London In One Day… & Then Some

Ever had a really long layover? This happened to me and my siblings a couple of years ago on our trip to Thailand.  Our flight from Phuket to Bangkok resulted in us having to endure a 20 hour layover in Bangkok before heading back to Johannesburg. After napping on the uncomfortable airport chairs and waking up to people eating crisps over our heads, e decided that a Sunday in the airport would not suffice so we jumped on the train and headed to Bangkok city.

Post the trauma of waking up and finding a stranger’s bum right next to my head, I swore that I would never ever experience a layover like that again and that if I can’t fly direct, layovers could only be endured under the following conditions:

  • Layover is a maximum of 2 hours
  • An epic itinerary is actioned for layovers longer that 12 hours
  • Adele is performing live

Failing all the above and inspired by my trip to London with Virgin Atlantic, I added another layover condition… I need to have access to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse… Which means I need to grind and fly first class all the time.

On the 23rd of February I flew to London for #OneDay and then some with Virgin Atlantic for and epic trip filled to the brim. From a bus tour, to Buckingham Palace, to lunch at Burger & Lobster and breakfast Cereal Killer Cafe, to Harrods, private capsules at The London Eye, coffee with Andy Jordan from Made In Chelsea, drinks at The W Hotel, and The Brit Awards… I can’t believe how much we filled into those hours.

Besides layovers, why else would someone end up in a city for 24 hours or so? Imagine your favourite artist, let’s say Beyonce or Adele is on a world tour, but your country isn’t part of the world for them. Lol. Imagine you can’t take 10 days off work, but you are a super fan so you buy a ticket and find yourself with an awkward amount of hours to kill before the show… Don’t sit around in a lounge (unless it’s the Virgin Clubhouse) or hangout at the hotel. Get out, do things, #ONEDAY is all you need to make the best memories.

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