Life After SA Fashion Week … Sigh

SA Fashion Week seems like forever ago. My outfits posts are up and the little quick recap video I put together is finally loaded on YouTube, and I am only just recovering from all the time I lost. I know when I say “time I lost”, it sounds as if I had a miserable time. That is completely not the case. It’s just that the one thing I even seem to forget when Fashion Week comes around is that the world doesn’t’ stop working or turning or requiring me to meet my deadlines because it’s Fashion Week.

So, here I am at 2:15 am on a Thursday morning playing catch up. My emails are down to 50 or so unread, I’m no longer behind on invoicing (because I kind of love money), but I still have a ton of shoots I need to plan and execute before my trip and even a lot more words to type and submit. I have stopped using my desktop calendar, which is silly of me, because now I am one of those people who is kind of panicking that her Visa won’t get approved, all because she still thought she had time. Cest la vie.

I know it is a whole week late, but here are my favourite looks from SA Fashion Week.

(Runway images from

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