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CMYK Rich Mnisi

The more I think about it, Rich Mnisi’s pieces are very much him. In his presence I have heard him use the word ‘quirky’ to describe the brand, but I prefer peculiar because it can mean “different to what is normal or expected.” That is how I would describe Rich Mnisi himself and his clothing. Tall and somewhat shy, Rich doesn’t say an awful lot when he’s in public, but he has in my opinion an incredibly audible personality, because when he does speak he is blindingly hilarious and smart. You can’t help but listen. Especially when he talks about clothing.

When I started spotting some of Rich’s latest A/W 16 collection, I knew it was going to be everything I love about his work. Rooted in juxtaposition and contradiction, nothing is ever too masculine, or too feminine (if we take gender ‘norms’), or too casual or too formal. There is always a tension in his clothing, that I appreciate and that resonates with how I like to feel when I am wearing something.

When asked to describe is latest collection for A/W 16, Rich Mnisi said: “Textural, 80’s Revival & Juxtaposed.” With fabric design by Ben Eagles, knitted turtlenecks with his name splashed boldly across the front, over sized jackets in interesting and beautiful fabrics those descriptors are more than apt.  Last week he released an incredible looking  lookbook and has followed up that series of visuals with CMYK – Characters in Media & Youth Kuns [Series Two], which is  part 2 of a 3 part series exploring the other theme most prevalent in the RICH MNISI brand: Pop Culture.

“For CMYK I worked with Trevor Stuurman, Maps Maponyane, Kelly Fung, Etienne Tshiswaka, Lulama Wolf and you my dear Thithi Nteta – individuals that have interacted with the brand and represent modern African aesthetics. I have been following these individuals and their contribution to the conversation around identity and what it truly means to be a South African youth. They have fresh views, inspired creative output and entrepreneurial spirit. This is the start of a continuous series exploring African Youth Culture and its personalities.” – Rich Mnisi

I asked the other 5 characters  who were shot as part of the CMYK series to describe Rich Mnisi’s clothing in 3 words and this is what they said:

“Next Big Thing”

– Maps Maponyane

“Rich Mnisi’s clothing is ‘original’, ‘serious’, and oh my gosh I can’t think of another one… Hold on… last word ‘fluid’… In that is transcends gender, seasons, trends, local boundaries.”

– Kelly Fung

“Timeless, Clean and Necessary”

– Lulama Wolf

“Rich is Right Now”

– Trevor Stuurman

“Dope, Well-Made & International” 

– Etienne Tshiswaka

Shoot Credits – Photographer: Paul Samuels | Producer: Ben Eagle| Make-up keyed by Annice Roux from MAC Cosmetics| Hair: Orli Oh Meiri | Assistant: Sphesihle Zondo & Amy Zama

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