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Last week Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited by PONDS to speak at their Flawless Radiance event on the topic of Beautiful Habits and share some stories about the PONDS Global Insiders trip I took to New York City last year. Where a group of women from all over the world gathered for a couple of days in New York to experience and learn more about the PONDS brand. The experience was eye-opening and empowering, because having access to the PONDS Institute, seeing first hand what goes into product development and testing allowed me to develop trust in the brand and products.

The event was an intimate gathering and the topic of discussion was “delayed sun damage”, which was explained by Dermatologist Dr. Pholile Mpofu as the continued damage that happens to your skin, 3 to 10 hours after exposure to the sun even after you step indoors. As a firm believer in wearing sunscreen everyday, this topic is one that I was quite intrigued to participate in because sun exposure contributes to a multitude of skin issues like sunburn, skin cancer, dark marks and patches, uneven skin tone, yet for some unknown reason, so many of us don’t wear sunscreen or don’t use products like POND’S flawless radiance Visible Even Tone Day Cream which has anti-oxidant agents, and skin vitamins to prevent the above.

If I take myself as a case study…. Going from being the kind of person whose only consistent skincare routine was wearing sunscreen everyday, to being someone who double cleanses can simply be attributed to me deciding to make make up removal a habit I needed to integrate into my life in order to keep my skin clear of spots and breakouts. These “Beautiful Habits,” as they were called at the event and discussed by psychologist Tshepiso Matentjie illustrate how the habits a woman keeps in all facets of her life manifest in various ways, including on your skin, so basically developing good simple skincare habits will result in good simple skin… No?

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