Europe Vacation 2016: Amsterdam Pt 1

Red Light DistrictAfter having visited Amsterdam several times, you’d think that I would have a library of images from my all my trips, but I always find myself having so much fun that I barely document anything. Phones, cameras, Snapchat, Instagram etc. all go out the window when I am in Amsterdam, which I sometimes regret post a trip, because all I have is stories, but I am honestly always having so much or laughing so hard that I can’t be bothered to take my phone or camera out.

I think I might love Amsterdam as much as I love New York City. I have come to realise that there is something I love about cities surrounded by water. Where you can find something to do every day all day and discover new places every time you visit. Where brunch and happy hour is thing and where walking and biking from place to place is commonplace; that keeps me coming back to my favourite cities. It also helps that in both these cities I have met fun, open, incredible people who show me a good time and have me in stitches every time I’m there.

Seeing as I don’t have a selection of lovely images of Amsterdam, I am really happy that this time around, I got to shoot some outfit posts in Amsterdam with photographer: Carly Wollaert. Accompanied by new friend Soufyan Riani we took some photographs around the Red Light District. Souf took us to The Trompettersteeg, Amsterdam’s narrowest street. 100 centimetres wide, this teeny alley is where the women in the windows charge/d some of the highest prices in the Red Light District and is consistently full and busy. I actually couldn’t believe it when Carly managed to get a picture of me there.

We then, rounded off the mini adventure / photoshoot in Amsterdam’s Chinatown. This was really exciting for me because it was the first time I had been to Amsterdam’s Chinatown and I spent the rest of the afternoon after we wrapped shooting, walking around and marvelling at how all Chinatown’s in every city I have visited are the same but different.China Town AmsterdamAmsterdamAmsterdam Thithi Amsterdam Amsterdam China Town

Clothing Credits: Sheer Mesh Top from Nicci Boutiques | White Crop Top from Mr Price | Paperbag Trousers from Witchery at Woolworths | Mens belt from Woolworths | Brogues from Carvela Luxe at Spitz | Sunglasses from G-Star RAW  | Beret borrowed from my cousin Naledi  aka @Leddi_G

Photography by Carly Wollaert

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