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Rich Mnisi 1About this look

As the official leader of Team Rich Mnisi, the moment I found out that these Rich Mnisi Turtleneck’s were available for purchase, I had to have one. They are available for purchase in a variety of colours like mustard, army green, red and grey. I have never been prouder to wear someone’s name across my chest.Rich Mnisi 4In Rich Mnisi news…

My wonderful friends Rich Mnisi and Thebe Magugu are collaborating and howing at South African Menswear Week SS16 in Cape Town this Friday.

Rich Mnisi on the Rich Mnisi X Thebe Magugu SS16 collection

“For our Spring/Summer 16/17 collection, we collaborate with fashion designer Thebe Magugu on a project titled “Family Photos.” Even in the worst times, one can’t help but smile when looking down at old photos.

When we started this collection, the nostalgia that undercuts the passing of time held our fascination as we started having a conversation around recontextualisation and how basic staples could be reimaged, fashioned and even considered modern. The idea of recapturing all these memories in a reimagined way made way for a deeper conversation about modernity and how it’s always used as an antonym in relation to Africa, at least aesthetically.

 It made us start reading the work of fashion theorists who expand on the theory of “the west’ and the ‘the rest.’ Is it not funny how the antonym of words like modernity, science and contemporary are traditional, mystic and antiquated, which are words often equated to us as Africans, not only aesthetically but also when describing our way of life?

With this in mind, we wanted to create a collection that merges all these ideas of Africanism, Modernity and Family History together with our own experiences and views of what it was like growing up in an African home”

After getting a sneak peak of the collection a couple of weeks ago, and reading this creative rationale for the first time, I am even more obsessed with what I saw.Rich Mnisi 3 Rich Mnisi 2

Clothing Credits: Turtleneck from Rich Mnisi (available for purchase: Contact Rich Mnisi on | Culottes from Witchery at Woolworths | Ankle boots from Call It Spring

Hair by Candi & Co Salon

Photography by Jeffrey Rikhotso

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