Light Your Selfies with the Lumee Cover

LuMeeI’m not going to front… Even though I am not a much of selfie taker, I wanted a LuMee cover from the moment Kim Kardashian West posted about it on social media. In fact, all the selfie sticks that were gifted to me have been given away as birthday presents to other people, because I am not much of a selfie taker. However, I am officially issuing a warning that the rate at which I publish selfies may increase because I now own a LuMee and chasing good lighting is no longer an issue in my life.

For those of you who don’t know what a LuMee case is, it is a plastic phone cover case that has a built-in warm LED front-light strip. The lighting strip also has an easy to use dimmer switch which allows you to control light strength. Retailing at R1099 at the LuMee phone covers come in black, silver and rose gold and they are water resistant. The best part about the covers are that they run on a separate rechargeable battery, which means that adding lighting to your selfie taking won’t affect the battery life of your actual phone.

I, along with are giving away a rose gold cover to one lucky reader.

All you have to do is Instagram a LuMee worthy selfie and tag myself @teeteeiswithme and @hi-online_ using the hashtag #hiLightYourSelfie to enter.

Competition closes: 18 July 2016

Quick Review:

When I initially got the LuMee case I felt like it was quite bulky. However since I have had it on my phone for a couple of weeks, I have come to appreciate the bulk for the following reasons:

  • Phone protection | I have dropped my phone a couple of times with the LuMee case on it. Let’s just say my insurance hasn’t received some sob story about a cracked screen.
  • Easy phone detection | I carry everything in my handbag and for some unknown reason, my cell phone, sans LuMee cover would always end up right at the bottom. Now it can’t seem to slip its way to the bottom of my handbag.
Additional Warning…

My night time SnapChat game is about to become prolific.

I am about to take all FaceTime calls at all hours, because now I have good lighting. LuMee-4

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