Travel Tips: Packing For A Long Vacation

Packing for a long trip can be a challenge. Especially if you are travelling to more than one destination. If this is the case, my number 1 tip is to find a way to pack all your stuff in one suitcase. With that being said, don’t forget to pack to an extra top and underwear in your carry on luggage. This is just in case you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your luggage is lost.

Lots Of Dresses

Why? One dress can = a full outfit. If you are travelling to a colder climate, you can layer them with turtlenecks, or longer sleeved tops and wear stockings with them to cover up your legs.Packing For A Long Trip

A black ankle boot with a chunky heel

Why? I have never seen a black chunky ankle boot do any wrong to any outfit. Have you ever watched Closer? Natalie Portman’s character arrived in London in her black ankle boots and wore those ankle boots for the majority of the story line. She even wore them to a gallery opening. If you follow my blog, you will know that versatility is my thing. I am into anything that you can wear day to night or casual to formal.Packing For A Long Trip

Dark blue blue denim jeans

Why? Of all the washes, a dark blue denim jean wash is the most versatile. Worn with a white t-shirt and sneakers it’s perfect for day time sightseeing. Take that same look and throw on a pair of ankle boots, some jewellery and a red lip and you have a look you can take out to a bar.Packing For A Long Trip

Lots of white and black t-shirts.

Why? Firstly, these are wardrobe staples I feel like every man and woman should have. Secondly, t-shirts are so easy to roll up and pack that it is a no brainer to pack a lot of them.lots of t-shirts

A warm coat / jacket / parka in a neutral colour.

Why? No one has even not needed a warm jacket, because even if you are travelling to an island, you are probably leaving cold weather at home. Tropical islands also have their share of unpredictable and cold weather. But more importantly, there is truly nothing worse than having to buy a jacket or coat on vacation when you have a perfectly good and amazing one at home. Also, being cold sucks… if we are being frank.warm coat

A pair of sneakers

Why? I have yet to personally encounter a more comfortable shoe for walking or simple airport transit than a sneaker… Air Max 1s are my vibe, but anything with a heritage in sport will do.sneakers

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