Dr Martens x Oppi Koppi ’16 Day 1

Dr Marten's A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I love music festivals. From the random discoveries of new artists at a stage you stumbled upon whilst making your way somewhere else. To sitting on the ground in the sun drinking beer in between acts and talking to strangers, festival life is easy. Where else can you become best-friends with a stranger in a crowd for just one song you both dig, because your friends went to another stage?  I love going to music festivals. And one my my favourite music festivals is Oppi Koppi.

As I type this, I am seeing the biggest flames on earth as I attempt to recover from what was the best weekend ever at Oppi Koppi 2016. My legs and arms hurt from dancing. My bum is full of bruises from falling on those rocks at the Red Bull stage. I’m still finding dust in places I’m surprised to find dust in. I can’t stop hearing music in my head and I kind of miss waking up with no other plans than to dance.

About This Outfit

If you have ever been to Oppi, you’ll know that Northam is sweltering hot during the day and freezing at night. So, when it comes to packing you are essentially packing for two seasons. I first spotted this overall from G-Star RAW (available here) on Lil Simz at Glastonbury. It was the perfect one piece to take to Oppi Koppi. During the day I styled it with a crop top. At night when it got cold, all I needed was a turtle neck and a jacket to stay warm.

Trying to travel light when it comes to the Oppi weekend is also a challenge. Between camp chairs, sleeping bags, blankets, blow up mattresses and warm heavy jackets, one pair of shoes is all I had space for. So my Dr Marten boots were actually the perfect festival companion. I literally wore them with everything. From my sweats in the early morning to my cute day time outfits. Right through to the evening when it got cold and extra pairs of socks were put on for warmth. #DrMartenStyleDr Marten's Dr Marten's Dr Marten's Style

Clothing Credits: Striped Overalls from G-Star RAW  | Cropped Top from Mr Price | Lace up boots from Dr Marten’s | Sunglasses from G-Star RAW

Braids by Candi & Co Salon

Photography by Jerri Mokgofe

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