Dr Martens X Oppi Koppi ’16 Day 2

2 Oppi Koppi Day 2I woke up on day 2 of Oppi Koppi feeling like absolute trash because I took it too far the previous night. Refusing to be hindered by my hangover, I decided to pull myself together. I grabbed a hot shower at Kreef (yes, you can find a hot shower) and breakfast. I headed out solo to have a Gin & Tonic at the Windhoek deck, and found this view of the festival just before it filled up. Oppi Koppi View

About This Look

I haven’t got an awful lot of print in my wardrobe, nor do I wear a lot of print. But when I do I like to wear strong, bold graphic prints and clash them. In fact, I only  wear print if there is another print I am clashing it with. It’s so much more fun that way. 

With dresses and boots being a no brainer at a music festival in hot weather, it was… well, I no-brainer to wear this look with mr Dr Marten’s. I just want to take this moment to add that given my packing constraints, having one pair of versatile shoes really helped. Originally a modest work-wear boot, a worn in pair of Dr Marten’s with softened leather is everything. The pair I’m wearing in this post are relatively new, so because I knew that I wanted to wear them to Oppi Koppi, I softened the leather a couple of weeks before. How your ask?  By spraying water on them and softening the areas where the leather was hard by walking in them for 20 minutes. Google doesn’t lie folks. 4 Oppi Koppi Day 2 3 Oppi Koppi Day 21 Oppi Koppi Day 2

Clothing Credits: Dress custom made by my tailor | Lace up boots from Dr Marten’s | Sunglasses from Ray Ban
Braids by Candi & Co Salon

Photography by Jerri Mokgofe

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