Travel Tips: Travel Friendly Hair

Phi-Phi-Island-Tour-8Whether it’s city based or right by the ocean, vacations should be easy.

Hair and make up should be stress-free. Outfits should be comfortable and versatile and life in general should feel like a never-ending happy hour.

After my last holiday in May to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, I vowed to never ever travel with hair that required me to have a straightener and / or curling iron on hand. Unless you are travelling with a glam squad, using up valuable mimosa drinking time straightening or curling your hair in the morning is no way to live on holiday.

When it comes to choices around what hair style to have on vacation, low maintenance but cute should be the priority.  Here are some ideas on travel friendly hair

Box Braids

Prior to this last trip, my go to travel hair style was always box braids. They are super low maintenance and easy to style and you don’t need to travel with hair electronics to keep them looking good. In fact, you don’t have to give them any real styling attention at all.

Barring how long they can take to get done, Box braids, Havana braids, Cornrows and even Faux locks are all good travel friendly hair braids

Curly Wig / Weave

If you want to have a wig or a weave, curly is the best option. It’s not as low maintenance an option as braids, but definitely requires less time than a straight weave or wig. When the curls have become a bit flat or life-less, simply spray some water on the hair and mix with products like: Ladine’s Complex Activating Gel with Lavendar Oil or Moroccon Oil’s Treatment Oil.

All hair done at Candi & Co Salon.

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