Video | Behind The Scenes Of What I Wore On The Blog

There are a lot of people – even my own friends – who think that part of what I do (because this blog is only part of what I do) is nonsense and easy. I’m definitely not saying it’s super hard and this Behind The Scenes video will show that. But it’s also not as easy as one may think. Especially if you are a person who creates their own original and consistent content. When it comes to consistency, sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t, because my other business ventures get in the way. Either way, it does take a bit of planning, time and discipline. **I mean I can’t tell you how I was dying of a hangover at Oppi Koppi, whilst shooting the look posts with Jerri Mokgofe. I almost wanted to can the whole content collaboration.

Creating Content

When I first started shooting my outfit posts in Johannesburg CBD over 3 years ago, it was simply because I liked how Joburg looked as a backdrop. I liked how there was a beautiful roughness to the city. My favourite shots had taxi’s in the background, people milling about or debris in frame. The city and its contrasts resonated with who I was, my content, and my style.

As an important character in the narrative of my content, Jhb has provided me with many a different sets and locations. Sets and locations I can only access peacefully at a certain time. I remember the days I used to shoot at 6am during the week, because I cherished my weekends. Now I have opted for Sunday mornings or late afternoons as shoot days to cover 3 to 5 looks at a time and make the most of the city.

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