ponds-inflight-routine-feat-imageThe temptation to neglect your in flight skincare routine on a long haul flight can be inviting, especially if you are like me and love to, or rather need to be by the window seat. The idea of asking the  two people next to you (even if you know them) to get up in order to head to the washroom for your skincare/beauty regimen is enough to make anyone want to risk it all and abandon their skin for one night.

Here are three simple skincare/beauty steps featuring some of my favourite Pond’s products

Trust a seasoned window seat traveller to provide you with details on performing a window seat in flight skincare regimen that won’t disturb anyone next to you.

  1. Have some make up removers on hand. My favourite (and I hate that I can’t get them in South Africa) are the Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes. When it comes to the naming of these wipes, the word towelettes is absolutely spot on. These wipes are thick and super hydrated so you don’t have to use a whole bunch of them to remove make up, which is a bonus because the pack lasts for a long time. I got a pack in December when I was in New York and they lasted me about 3 months. I am hoping to pick up more when I am there in a couple of days, but if you can’t get on a plane, you can order the wipes on the Ponds US site here.
  2. Typically, your carry-on cosmetics kit shouldn’t be made up of all your travel skin and beauty products. I like to pack a serum simply because it’s a good way to moisturize whilst delivering powerful active ingredients to the skin. My current favourite is the Ponds Flawless Radiance Anti-Spot Intensive Even Tone Serum. Recommended for usage in the morning and evening, it comes in a really easy application package, which means you don’t need to fuss too much when using it. The serum itself is rich, velvety and locks in moisture, delivering radiant and even-toned skin. Even at home, I have never found myself needing to apply a night cream before going to bed after using the serum.
  3. You never know who you are going to run into in the customs line when you get off the plane. For this reason, I like to make sure that I have my Ponds Flawless Radiance BB Cream on hand. Not only is it ideal for a variety of skin types because of its lightweight formulation, it also provides natural coverage, which makes it perfect for a light/fresh looking base when you get off the plane. On top of that, this BB cream contains some really good active ingredients which help to fade dark spots as well as provide protection from UVA and UVB rays. Whip on some mascara and natural looking gloss or lip balm and you’ll be ready to run into anyone… even a future bae in the customs line.IMG_1774
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