DKNY Be Tempted

DKNY Be TemptedIn The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde wrote “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.” 

My Temptation: Travel

Temptation often falls within the realms of desire and impulse. And in my world, the only impulsive decisions I can consistently reference have to do with travel. From buying the plane ticket to spending a fortune on a dress,”out of country Thithi” yields into temptation. She is a “yes” girl and her proclivity to being a really good plus 1 and wing man becomes amplified in another country. She even talks about herself in the third person. Lol.

The one city I absolutely can’t resist is New York City. I am not sure why, but every single time someone has suggest NYC, I will always find a way to get there. I can honestly say it is a city of temptations. A city where adventures lie around every corner and happy hours are a priority. A city where I become an extrovert and “yield” into experiences. A city where I barely say “no”, unless I have a hangover. Because life it so much nicer when you “yield” into your temptations

When In Jhb, you’ll struggle to get me to leave my house at 2am. But out of country, I’ll be ready in 35 minutes and ready to party till 7am.

DKNY Be Tempted

DKNY’s new fragrance Be Tempted revisits the story of seduction with a new apple that is shinier and sexier. Founded in 1989, DKNY was created by Donna Karen. The brand embodies the energy and spirit of NYC.  Like the clothing that fall under the DKNY label, DKNY Fragrances are for women who live eclectic, fun, fast and real lives. Women who “yield” into the temptation of living their best lives. DKNY Be Tempted fragrance is an invigorating whirl of femininity and passion. It is bottled in a red glass bottle with metallic spray thru cap featuring a snake embellishment that invokes the sensual energy of the fragrance and the forbidden.

You can buy DKNY Be Tempted at Red Square or selected Edgars stores. 

What is your temptation?DKNY Be TemptedClothing Credits: Jacket from Nike Sportswear | Silk slip dress from a thrift store | Choker from Witchery Balance at Woolworths | Heels from Stuart Weitzman at Spitz

Hair by Candi & Co Salon

Photography by Phenyo Keitheile

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