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Nothing makes me happier than when I post a picture of something created in South Africa and someone from Amsterdam, Singapore etc. comments “I want!” or asks me “Where is that from?” I literally get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, because  local is lovely. Which is why, all I want to do in that moment is go all proudly South African on them. Write an entire press release in response on the designer, so that they are inspired to purchase immediately.

Pichulik accessories have been on my radar for a while now. However, it was only after I needed something to add interest to a mediocre wedding day outfit that I finally made a purchase. In my head I love accessories. But in reality, I struggle to wear them throughout the day, because I’m super fidgety.

Crafted in Cape Town, Pichulik was founded in 2012 by trained artist and Patissier, Kathryn-Mary Pichilik. From collaborations with Chu to Adriaan Kuiters and Jody Paulsen, as well as new favourite SA shoe brand Espadril, this accessories brand charmingly transforms ropes, stones, textiles and found objects into wearable art.

The Pichulik Woman in the words of the brand

“If the PICHULIK brand was a person she would have a wicked sense of humour ,  a strong yet inspired presence. Kind, wise eyes that speak of many journeys through exotic lands. She would smell the way jasmine smells in Johannesburg at the end of winter -promising spring. She would taste of pomegranates from Granada and rose syrup from Morrocco.” –

Clothing Credits: Turtleneck from Witchery at Woolworths | Wide leg trousers from Superella | Necklace from Pichulik | Sunglasses from Miu Miu from Sunglass Hut

Hair by Candi & Co Salon

Photography by Keagan Kingsley Carlin & Phenyo Keitheile

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