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Couch and Side Table both purchased  from @Home online & in store respectively

Updated – 15 May 2017

In November last year I moved into a new apartment and made the decision to let go of all the old furniture and things I owned before and start from scratch. I spent the majority of my December holidays pinning images on Pinterest and camped out on the @home website making screengrabs of the things I wanted, then going into the store and shopping so swiftly and with so much purpose; the guys at the store were amused.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually like to physically shop. Going into a mall or similar, walking up and down, carrying things does not describe my ideal way of shopping. Lying in bed, adding things to my wishlist or cart, then checking out and having said item or items arrive a couple of days later is more my vibe. So, when I found out that TFG (The Foschini Group) had added furniture to its eMall I literally kind of lost my mind with excitement. Having purchased smaller items like cushions, towels etc from the site; the convenience of not having to go into a mall just to pay for a headboard for instance (which is the first furniture piece I ordered online) is really unparalleled. I can’t tell you how much it used to distress me when I couldn’t simply click “add to cart” when wanting to buy a bulky item like a couch or coffee table on the website.

The Online Shopping Experience

In terms of online shopping, the eMall upgrade is really easy to use and user friendly. It’s responsive, which means you can shop everything, including furniture from your laptop or smart phone. If you don’t want to get the items delivered, you can opt to collect it from a distribution centre nearest to you free of charge. I have personally never taken that option (even when I have purchased in store), as delivery fees to your door are around the R500 price range and to be honest I can’t be bothered to organize a van and all that to collect a piece of furniture.

The actual online shopping experience is exactly what you would expect from a good online shopping platform. Great, clear product images, a variation of payment options are offered and an indication as to whether stock is available online or not. I won’t lie… This can be a tiny bit frustrating, as I sometimes feel like if it ain’t available online, don’t put it online, but that’s because I am a “I want it now person when it comes to stuff.”

Image supplied by @Home

Post Purchase

Having purchased bigger items in store from @Home previously, I can confirm that the post purchase experience is really great whether you buy online or in store. Between the regular contact from the dispatching warehouse, text messages and emails to confirm delivery times; right to when the guys deliver your item, and assemble it; the entire post purchase process is just as convenience driven as the online shopping experience.

Headboard & Linen purchased online from @Home

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