A white shirt dress & smile

I have been back in SA for a couple of days now and I still can’t believe that it’s already May and that it’s basically turtleneck season. WTF?! I won’t lie, after just under 2 weeks of sun, bathing suits and cocktails in LA and Mexico, it was quite a shock to land at 5:30 am on Monday 1 May to a chill in the air. With that being said, I am really happy to be back home. The jetlag is kicking my ass, but I am super motivated for the second half of the year. Checking off something on your bucket list like going to Coachella, can do that for you ;). You kind of feel like, okay… what’s next?

My what’s next “check-in” session is definitely happening earlier in the year than usual. I normally do this reflecting and planning for the rest of the year stuff around June / July, but I find myself already planning the next couple of months. From wanting to go on another trip, to saving more (lol… the irony of me listing a saving goal after a spending goal is not lost on me) and being healthier; the aim is just to be happier this year. Oh… and laugh more. Laughing is great.

About this look

This white shirt dress from Sisi Collection, is great for three reasons:

  1. It isn’t see-through, which means you don’t have to wear a slip underneath it
  2. You can style it differently depending on how you tie the belt it comes with, which makes it versatile. And we all know how I love versatile pieces…
  3. It is made locally here in South Africa. I did a lovely short interview with Yasmin Furmie of Sisi Collection here in my Shop SA content slot. 

With it’s shape and form; this white shirt dress didn’t need a lot in terms of styling. So I opted for a red lip colour from Estee Lauder (Envy). A welcome change from all the brown and nude lip colours I have been wearing. This simple addition of a red lip completely elevates this look (and my face). And I suppose it’s kind of cute that it matches the red Swoosh on my Nike Cortez (insert shrugs shoulders emoticon here)?

Clothing Credits: White Shirt Dress from SiSi | Nike Cortez Sneakers from Shelflife 

Photography by Keagan Kingsley Green of Gold Creatures

  • Irene
    Posted at 11:03h, 11 May Reply

    Hi Teetee

    Hope all is well, love the look 🙂

    Where did you buy the shirt dress?

  • Irene
    Posted at 11:05h, 11 May Reply

    Please ignore the above message…..BLONDE moment (palm on face)

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