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In the press release from Spree on CHULAAP’s first womenswear collection, in collaboration with the retailer, Chu Suwannapha says:

“My philosophy is that dressing is not about impressing the person next to you. It should be about adding personality and confidence to oneself.”

And whilst, I am absolutely one with the idea of dressing for yourself, the fact remains that it is impossible to not look at someone in a piece from CHULAAP. His use of print simply put…garners attention. It doesn’t demand it or shout for it, much like Chu himself in real life. It just grabs your attention because of how effortlessly unique it is.

This was proven to me just a few weeks ago, as I was taking a walk through Central Park wearing this CHULAAP shirt as a shirtdress. What was meant to be a 30-minute walk to get across to 5th Avenue took me just over an hour, because I basically made every person who stopped to compliment me on this shirt listen to my spiel on how dope South African fashion design is.

And the compliments that day didn’t stop at the park. Everywhere I went people kept walking up to me with the sole purpose of telling me that they love my shirtdress. And I kept telling each and everyone one of them that it’s from a South African based fashion brand and that our shi* is dope and they need to buy it.Described by Chu in my interview with him, as “confident with a strong personality” the woman who wears CHULAAP has in Chu’s words a “bold, yet classic style that is unique yet practical.” When you look at this capsule collection it is exactly that: bold yet classic. Each piece from the culottes to the shirt dress is standout and embodies what CHULAAP is about, which is, again in Chu’s own words all about “celebrating Africa.”

When I asked him about his love affair with prints, all Chu could say to me was “I fell in love with the boldness of African Arts and Culture the moment I landed in Cape Town 15 years ago. I am inspired by the everyday. From street art, streetwear and local food.”

I think that’s a pretty good way to end off a ShopSA post. Don’t forget to buy local guys 😉

Clothing credits:  Shirt dress from CHULAAP X Spree | Pants from  H&M | Sunglass from Miu Miu at Sunglass Hut | Heels from Stuart Weitzman at Spitz

Photography by Jeffrey Rikhotso

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